Heat in North India - Rain in South India

12-Jun-2024 08:45 PM

New Delhi. The Meteorological Department has predicted that severe heat will continue in most of the states of North India for the next three to four days, due to which the pace of sowing of Kharif crops will be slow.

On the other hand, there is a good rainfall in South India and farmers are sowing crops very fast. According to the Meteorological Department,

after the arrival of monsoon in Kerala on 30 May, it is raining almost every day in South India, due to which there is a sufficient amount of moisture in the agricultural soil. Even the badly dried fields have now become moist. Earlier there was a hue and cry for rain in Karnataka,

Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh and leave alone irrigation of crops, there was a shortage of water even for drinking. Dams and reservoirs had dried up.

There was a shortage of water in the rivers as well. Water was not available even several meters below the ground.

This had created a very serious crisis. But after the arrival of monsoon, the situation there is gradually becoming normal.

Meanwhile, the weather department has predicted heavy rains in West Bengal and Sikkim, which may speed up the sowing of Kharif crops there.

Mumbai (Maharashtra) and Vadodara (Gujarat) received rains the previous day. Some parts of Maharashtra are already receiving rains.

Konkan and Goa also received rains. The monsoon had reached the northeastern states on May 30, but after initial activity, it has now become inactive. Due to this, there is a lack of rain there.