Domestic production of mustard estimated to be 115.80 lakh tonnes by 'C'

12-Jun-2024 08:02 PM

Mumbai. A survey conducted in May 2024 by Solvent Extractors Association of India (C), a leading organization of indigenous vegetable oil-oilseed industry and trade sector,

shows that during the Rabi season of 2023-24, about 115.80 lakh tonnes of mustard was produced in the country, which is 5.07 lakh tonnes less than the estimate of 120.87 lakh tonnes made in the survey report of March. According to the association,

due to the El Nino weather cycle, the average yield rate of mustard decreased due to lack of rain during the crucial stage of crop progress in states like Haryana,

Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh and the weather being hot and dry. According to the report of the association, during the 2023-24 season, a total of 105.78 lakh tonnes of mustard was produced including 45.34 lakh tonnes in Rajasthan, 17.88 lakh tonnes in Uttar Pradesh,

16.03 lakh tonnes in Madhya Pradesh, 11.68 lakh tonnes in Haryana, 7.09 lakh tonnes in West Bengal, 4.57 lakh tonnes in Gujarat, 2.06 lakh tonnes in Assam and 1.11 lakh tonnes in Chhattisgarh,

while other states of the country including Bihar and Jharkhand and Jharkhand and Punjab are estimated to produce a little more than 10 lakh tonnes of mustard.

In this way, the total production of mustard at the national level reached close to 115.80 lakh tonnes. The total sowing area of ​​mustard was recorded at 100.60 lakh hectares in the 2023-24 season. Under this, the mustard area reached 38 lakh hectare in Rajasthan, 17.76 lakh hectare in Uttar Pradesh,

13.98 lakh hectare in Madhya Pradesh, 7.60 lakh hectare in Haryana, 5.91 lakh hectare in West Bengal, 2.98 lakh hectare in Assam,

2.69 lakh hectare in Gujarat, 1.92 lakh hectare in Chhattisgarh and 9.76 lakh hectare in other states of the country. At the national level, the average yield rate of mustard was 1151 kg per hectare.